Some Musical Efforts Past and Present  

In the late 80's early 90's I was performing with and producing with a group called the Olson Brothers Band in Seattle. Here are a few musical excerpts from the album that resulted. These are not the complete tracks. They have been edited to make the shorter. I was involved in the tracking and mixing of all the songs on the album, as well as a good bit of arranging and performing. The band consisted of :

Brad Olson Lead and Harmony Vocals - Tenor
Brian Olson Lead and Harmony Vocals - Baritone
Steve Olson Lead and Harmony Vocals - High Tenor
Joe Portman Lead Guitar, Fiddle and backup vocals
Marc Andresen Keyboards and backup vocals
Paul Kohlman Drums
Danny Kopp Bass and backup vocals

It was truly an exceptional band and we had national interest. Roger Miller had consented to us recording the theme song from "Big River" (River in the Rain) and we put it on the album as the title song. Most of the tracking was done by Charles Meserole at Extra Sensory Productions on an Otari 24 track (I think) using a Trident board. The mix was done at Triad Studios and I honestly forget the board used. Maybe an SSL with automation. Final mix was onto 1/2" tape at 30 ips and the mastering was done at one of the big places in LA. Can't remember the name.

Here are three songs from the album, the best in my opinion:

River In the Rain Written by Roger Miller. I played lead and electric rhythm. The opening lick is my 1986 Fender strat in an open G tuning. The solo is me and Joel Osborn on harmonica. Steve Olson singing lead and high vocals.
Child of the Wild Blue Yonder Really got to stretch out on this on. 7 guitars. Two high strung rhythm parts, two electric rhythm parts, two electric fill in parts and the solo. Brian Olson on the lead vocal.
It Takes A Little Rain We lost our keyboardist right before cutting this track. I subbed and played the keyboards, strings, high strung rhythm  and lead guitars. Brad Olson, one of the finest singers I ever worked with, on lead vocal.

That's the past, now to the present. I've been doing midi tracks since 1986 or so, upgrading my rig as the times change. Currently using Sonar 8.5PE and a lot of VST instruments. These are some tracks I have done for my own gratification. Enjoy.


One of my earliest tracks, revised and extended over the years. 1986 Fender Strat and a Zoom 9002. Tracks originally done on Ensoniq EPS 16Plus, later transferred into Sonar for mix.


First track done using the Presonus StudioLive. The lead is performed on a Composite Acoustics Cargo. Pretty stunning sound for such a small guitar. Drums courtesy of a long time friend, Phil Dalmolin ( I played everything else.

Whiter Shade Of Pale

How I met my wife! Also tracked through the StudioLive using Guitar Rig 4. Drums courtesy of JamStix and BFD2. All other tracks by me.

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