Hi. I'm really curious as to what brought you here. If you don't mind, please click here and just jot down a word or two describing how you got here to baron_dot_com

Hi. My name is Joe Portman and is my personal domain. In 1994 I started an ISP in Seattle named, but that's getting ahead of my story.

In 1984 I first started using Unix (Xenix) and I needed a log in name. Before that I had always used minicomputers and big iron and my login name was always 'theredbaron'. Well, Xenix had a limit on login names so I shortened it to baron. Later on, I decided having my own domain name would be cool, so I registered (and a few others). I've actually been active on the 'Net since late 1984 when it was definitely 'geeks only'. :-)

I've had an interesting life, to say the least. In February 2000, I sold and my freshly minted CLEC for a rather large amount and retired (or so I thought). It's been over 9 years since then  and I've done a few things:

  1. Fulfilled a lifelong dream of being a pilot. I have my private ticket.

  2. Traveled extensively through the US.

  3. Tried my hand at Day Trading, which was a mixed success. Don't try this at home, kids.

  4. See note 4 above, I took a six figure bath in the Market. OUCH.

Before 1984 I was a traveling musician. I've appeared in shows with quite a few stars and played in every western state (and a few east ones too). I play guitar, fiddle, keyboards, drums, bass and a little bit of almost any other instrument. It's a knack, what can I say. You can check out some of my rough mixes below.

Click Here for a few of my musical efforts

Do you Ebay? Me too.

I am looking for new challenges (work) here is my resume.

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